Pregnancy Yoga Suffolk
pregnancy yoga classes suffolk

"A wonderfully supportive and nurturing class."

pregnancy yoga suffolk

Having experienced labour and 2 natural births, I am passionate about teaching pregnancy yoga and I offer an inspiring and nurturing space for mums to be to come together in a beautiful practice of pregnancy yoga.

This is the perfect preparation for the changes unfolding in your body and your life. All pregnant women from 14 to 37 weeks are welcome whether new or experienced in yoga. Each 4 week course of yoga includes carefully adapted poses, lots of relaxation, breath work and positive visualisations.

During this time together we explore the pelvic floor, posture, breathing and specific poses and preparation for birth and labour. For example movement and gravity assisted positions. Yoga can improve physical strength and stamina as well as build a sense of inner strength and calm which will allow you to approach this wonderful experience with more confidence.

Pregnancy Yoga Class details:

• Tuesday's: 10.00am - 11.15am - Framfield Medical Centre, Woodbridge IP12 4FD.
• Wednesday's: 11.30am -12.30am - Mint Fitness, Earl Soham.
• Everyone welcome from 15 weeks and no experience necessary.
• Stay afterwards for a coffee and a chat with other Mums.
• Six week courses £50 or £10 drop-in.

A special time for you and your baby...

This class is a haven for Mums to be over 15 weeks, offering a wonderful supportive and nurturing atmosphere whether you currently practice yoga of whether you are a complete beginner. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that women report feeling happier and more confident and positive during their pregnancy, labour and birth with a regular yoga practice.

Everyone is an individual, every pregnancy is different and in class we honour that difference focusing on learning to listen to love our changing bodies. We address the common pregnancy symptoms and conditions and focus on how yoga can help. Come and meet other Mums to be and share experiences in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Mat, blanket, cushions and bolsters available on site or you may prefer to bring your own.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes will help:

• To gently encourage the opening up of the hips which in turn will help ease back and pelvic pain.
• To release tension and tightness in shoulders and neck and strengthen arms and upper body.
• To strengthen and tone muscles of the legs, lower back and abdominal area - weight bearing poses in particular have been proven to help reduce the length of labour and decrease delivery complications.
• To bring awareness, tone and softness to the pelvic floor. This encourages a more responsive pelvic floor to the needs of labour and birth.
• To encourage optimal foetal positioning by including upright forward leaning positions and various adapted squatting poses every week.
• To bring awareness to the importance of alignment and full range of movement through the joints to improve posture which if left unchecked can be a major contributor to back pain.
• To discover the importance of grounding, of using the floor, of moving and breathing.
• To increase stamina, give a sense of empowerment and self control which builds confidence in the bodies innate ability to give birth.
• To generally keep active with gentle flowing movement sequences co-ordinated with the breath to encourage fluidity and focus and a sense of calm and stability. Also great for the circulation and increasing energy levels.
• To become familiar with safe and comfortable breathing techniques, exploring the breath and it's amazing impact on our bodies and minds either to bring about a sense of peach and calm or to increase energy and vitality.
• To be comfortable with specific breathing techniques useful in labour and birth.
• At the end of every class there will be a valuable, restorative guided relaxation, perfect for insomnia, prenatal depression and anxiety. You will notice the wonderful immediate and more long lasting benefits of being able to relax and let go of stress and tensions, which has been proven to shorten labour and aid the birth.
• After 37 weeks there will be an emphasis on deep relaxation and gentle, simple and effective yoga inspired poses especially designed to alleviate late pregnancy symptoms and on a variety of breathing techniques for use at this time as well as during labour and birth.

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