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What my students say...

"I have been attending Nikki's classes in Framlingham for a couple of years now and it is one of the highlights of the week! Nikki is a wonderful instructor and her classes are both physically and mentally challenging whilst at the same time tremendous fun. Nikki is always extremely attentive to class members' individual needs and tailors the moves so each person can work to the best of their ability without feeling under any pressure. There is a great sense of camaraderie in the class and we all feel uplifted and relaxed at the end of the sessions."


"I love this class because Nikki is so positive and welcoming. The class activates different parts each week. The fact that I can come whenever possible is a huge advantage."


"I had very low expectations that yoga would be able to help my old age induced stiffened hip and hand joints, but hey presto a year on I am walking and gardening with less pain than before I started the classes. The yoga so gently led by Nikki has helped me to move better altogether and to have more confidence in what I can do. I now reach down and up to all my cupboards, clean the shower, walk the dog and garden much more easily than before, thank you so much!"


"I have been attending Nikki's yoga class ever since she first started at Debenham. It is testament to her ability that most of us have been attending for many years. Nikki has a soothing and relaxing voice which I think is essential in a yoga teacher and she explains how to do a posture clearly. She is always sensitive to people's needs and takes into account any health problems we may have. We are a fairly large class but she manages to check our positions and correct them where necessary. I would recommend the class to anyone who wants a good workout in a very pleasant environment with a lovely teacher."


"Nikki is a wonderful teacher. Her classes are well paced, well planned and suitable for all levels. She has a warm and friendly approach and an inspiring style to her teaching. Her themed classes are friendly and a mix of ages and abilities. She has been such an inspiration to me that I decided to train to be a yoga teacher!"


"My friends and I have been coming to Yoga for around twenty years or more and Nikki is the best teacher we have ever had. The variety of her programme each week is so well managed and enjoyable and it gives us the flexibility to keep our minds and bodies active."


"During the evening all I know is I walk in feeling stressed and tired but walk out relaxed and energised. Yoga with Nikki is calming and relaxing, I always leave feeling revitalised and enjoy the best nights sleep I have in a week. Nikki's classes are well structured. Nikki pays attention to each individual students progress/practice, making sure her classes are suitable for all abilities."


"I have attended one of Nikki's yoga classes for some years now. She caters for all abilities, with a balance of postures building up in strength gradually over the term. Nikki has a good understanding of all aspects of yoga and passes on her knowledge with kindness and humour, which makes her classes enjoyable for everyone."


"I love the way Nikki structures her classes so that we concentrate on one theme for several weeks working towards achieving the complete sequence. She is also very aware of our individual capabilities, making sure that none of us feels any pressure to do more than we are physically able to. It's such a happy class which is why I've been with Nikki for ten years and wouldn't want to change."


"I can't think of a better start to Wednesday morning that Nikki's yoga class. It's varied and always fun!"


"When I moved to Suffolk in 2014 I looked to find a yoga class to continue my practice. I found Nikki's class in Debenham and was impressed with the welcome given to me and the knowledge that Nikki has. The class is suitable for all ages and is a mixture of relaxation, meditation and poses. I thoroughly enjoy the classes and would recommend them to anyone, whether trying yoga for the first time, or continuing classes, you will be assured of a warm welcome."


"Nikki is the best yoga teacher I have had in the 40 plus years I've been practising yoga. Lessons are always varied and interesting and avoid the pitfall of repetitiveness."


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