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Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition and practise that has developed and evolved over thousands of years all over the world. For many it becomes a transformational experience and a whole new way of life.

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I teach Hatha yoga, a process of exploring and refining first our outside world and then focusing inwards. We achieve this by working with awareness and focus in harmony with fun and enthusiasm and by bringing together our bodies, our minds and our breath.

Hatha Yoga is Sanskrit for union or a method of discipline. Pantanjali collated this way of living through the yoga sutras 2000 years ago. There are 195 sutras or philosophical guides to yoga organised into 8 interconnected limbs which all work together:

- Yamas or restraints in our everyday lives
- Niyamas or observances in our every lives
- Asanas, the postures or physical practices both still and flowing
- Pranayama, the breathing awareness and practices
- Pratyahara, beginning to focus inwards by withdrawal of the senses
- Dharana, developing our concentration
- Dhyani, meditation
- Samadhi, our ultimate objective of absorption, liberation or enlightenment

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Contact me to book or for further details.  Tel: 07716 440323 or email: info@yoganikki.co.uk

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